Dragonhorde Membership

Owning a Dragonhorde means you're part of the wolf pack and gives you access to our ecosystem, unlocking access in our Discord, Twitter and group chats.

The Den

Stake Dragonhorde in The Den, to secure your Soulbound Trophies. The more assets you stake, the more utility and rewards you unlock.

Primordia: Yield Multipliers

Holding Dragonhorde or Moonruners in your wallet alongside your Primordia land, unlock BOOSTs that multiply your Primordia yield.

Community Initiatives

The Awoo Alliance is a community led tribe of dedicated Moonrunners joined together to form an elite agency within Primordia, that run community driven initiatives.


Holding a Dragonhorde gives you access to Tribe Rewards, Giveaways, and NFT claims, including our raffle system in The Den with more activations to come.

Digital Events

Participate in regular events, with our weekly town hall on Thursday 5:30PM EST, and community events with our partner projects.


The Wolf Pack and Dragonhorde are most active on social and Discord. Join our community to stay up to date with the latest updates, news and entertainment.